Silver Nitrate

What is Silver Nitrate topical ointment?

Silver nitrate is a natural compound used as an antiseptic.

Topical silver nitrate ointment (for use on the skin) is used to destroy infected tissue around the wound. Silver nitrate can also help to form a covering layer to prevent bleeding from minor skin wounds.

Silver nitrate ointment may be used for conditions not listed in this medication guide.

Uses of silver nitrate ointment

Types of warts
Infectious skin disorders

What points should be considered before using silver nitrate ointment?

Do not use silver nitrate if you are allergic to it.
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, ask your doctor before using this medicine.

How should I use silver nitrate ointment?

Follow all directions on the prescription label and read all medication guides or package inserts. Use the medicine exactly as directed. Topical silver nitrate ointment is only for short-term use, it should not come into contact with the mucous membrane and mouth, and is a topical medicine for use on the skin only.

Silver nitrate dressings are used for wound care, while silver nitrate solution or ointment is generally used to treat warts or skin disorders and rashes. Do not use silver nitrate directly on wounds, cuts, or broken skin.

You may be treated with silver nitrate ointment in a hospital or clinic. If you use this medicine at home, read the instructions for use that come with the medicine and follow them carefully. If you do not know these instructions, ask your doctor or pharmacist.
Also, follow your healthcare provider’s instructions on cleaning and caring for the skin wound.
For skin wound care, you may need to have sterile water and 0.9% saline on hand.
Topical silver nitrate can damage or irritate healthy skin. Always wear latex or nitrile gloves when handling or using this medicine. Use gloves when cleaning the skin wound and preparing it for treatment.
Place dressings containing silver nitrate only on the affected skin wound. To protect the healthy skin, you can apply the surrounding jelly in a circle around the wound. To quickly stop the effects of silver nitrate dressings, apply a generous amount of 0.9% saline solution to the treated skin and then rinse with sterile water.

Silver nitrate can also damage fabric fibers, so avoid using this medicine on clothes or bedding.

Store at room temperature and away from moisture, heat and light.

What happens if I use too much of this ointment?

If someone has accidentally swallowed or inhaled the medicine, seek emergency medical attention or call 115.
Silver nitrate overdose may not occur if this drug is used as directed.

What should I avoid while using silver nitrate ointment?

Do not put this medicine in your eyes or mouth. In case of contact, wash with water.
Also, avoid inhaling the medicine.

What are the possible local side effects of silver nitrate?

Get emergency medical help if you notice signs of an allergic reaction: hives
difficult breathing
Swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat
Repeated use of silver nitrate may cause a gray or blue-black discoloration of the treated skin. This factor is caused by the silver compounds of this drug and is generally not harmful. However, silver nitrate can cause skin burns. If you use this medicine at home, be sure you know all the instructions for use and how to quickly neutralize the medicine.

Common side effects may include:

Mild burning or cold sensation where the medicine is applied.

What drugs will affect topical silver nitrate?

The medicine used on the skin is not affected by other medicines you are using. But many drugs can affect each other. Tell each of your health care providers about all the medicines you use, including over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal products.


Avoid prolonged contact with skin or other surfaces as it may cause skin discoloration.
May cause skin and mucous membrane irritation
Do not wash the eyes after using the 1% solution.
Chemical burns may be caused by improper use of the product
The time to use the ointment on delicate and delicate skin or babies should be short
Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Side effects of silver nitrate drug overdose

If you use silver nitrate more than the dose prescribed by the doctor, it will cause an increase in blood at the site of use.

Silver nitrate storage conditions

Keep the medicine out of the reach of children.
Keep the medicine in a dry and cool place away from heat and direct light.

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