Pharmaceutical class:

A specific blocker of dopamine receptors

Drug form:

10 mg coated tablet

Drug combinations:


Mechanism of action of Motidon:

Accelerating the movement of food in the digestive tract

Uses of Motidon:

In addition to its anti-nausea effect, this drug also prevents vomiting.

Use in pregnancy and breastfeeding Motidon:

Pregnancy: Adequate and well-controlled studies have not been conducted in pregnant women, so the use of this drug should be done under the supervision of a specialist doctor and with caution.
Lactation: This drug is secreted in very small amounts in breast milk. Due to the possibility of side effects in infants, its use during breastfeeding is not recommended.

Regarding the correct way to use this medicine, pay attention to the following points:

1- Take the medicine 15 to 30 minutes before meals or at bedtime.
2- If you forget to take a dose of medicine, take it immediately as soon as you remember. But if it is almost time for the next dose, forget the missed dose and resume your normal schedule. Avoid doubling the amount of medicine.

Motidon Medicinal Influences:

Before taking this drug, if you use the following medications, inform your doctor:
Anticular remedies with damperidone can minimize the effects of damperidone.
Antifungal drugs of the Azol group, human immunodeficiency protease inhibitors (HIV), macrolide antibiotics, and nephzodone in the simultaneous use of these drugs with damperidone may increase the amount of damperidone in the blood. Therefore, their simultaneous use should be done with caution.
Monamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO) inhibitors are essential to the simultaneous use of these drugs with damperidone.
Drugs with slow release formulation or anterior damperidone with increased stomach and small intestine movements may increase the absorption of drugs from the small intestine or decrease the absorption of drugs from the stomach, especially if the drug is slow or low -end formulation.

Motidon caution:

  1. See your doctor regularly during the use of this medicine to examine the progress of treatment and possible change in the amount of medication.
  2. Consult your doctor if you do not see any improvement in the symptoms within a few days of taking the medication or worsening it.

Motidon Contraindications:

  1. History of Demperidone Sensitivity or Each of the Components of this drug
  2. Bleeding, mechanical obstruction, or digestive tractation
  3. Moderate or severe liver function failure
  4. Increased prolactin secretion caused by pituitary gland tumor
  5. Concomitant use of oral ketoconazole, erythromycin, fluconazole, viconazole, clarithromycin, amiodarone


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