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What is mineral ice gel?

It must have happened to you that you have suffered from muscle pain in some part of your life. These pains generally have different origins, one of which can be bad sleeping and inappropriate pillows and mattresses. But

what should be done to treat these muscle pains?

One of the fastest, easiest, most accessible and most effective possible treatments for muscle pain is the use of pain reliever gels. Mineral ice gel is also one of the treatments that has found its own fans for several years.

Mineral ice gel is an analgesic and soothing gel. It is interesting to know that this gel is known as one of the most effective ways to reduce muscle pain in recent years; To the extent that even doctors have started prescribing it. Mineral ice gel, as its name suggests, relieves pain by creating cold in the pain area. Maybe this is strange for you; Because we are used to relieve pain by heating. But you should know that some pains are made worse by heat. In these cases, cooling the affected area is the best way to treat it.

Most bone pains are better with heat and cold is bad for them. But if the pain is related to the muscle area, the only way to relieve the pain is to apply cold. For this reason, in sports competitions, the team doctor always has cold pain relief bags with him. In a situation where a player of a team is injured, if it is determined that his pain is related to a muscle injury, a cold pack will be used to relieve his pain.

Ice mineral gel is so popular that even you can get it from pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription. If we want to have a professional look at the performance of mineral ice gel, we must provide the following explanations.

Mechanism of effect of mineral ice gel

Body cooling, analgesic and sedative mineral ISBS gel exerts its local analgesic therapeutic properties through agonistic effect on kappa opioid receptors as well as activation of ion channels.

The mentioned product is produced from plant-based raw materials. Therefore, mineral ice gel will be free of any toxicity and side effects after consumption.

The pain absorption and relief mechanism is applied locally and on the skin surface. For this reason, no liver absorption can be seen when taking ISBS mineral gel.

Cold and pain relief

As we explained a little above, cold can be considered as a factor for pain relief. Now let’s examine this issue a little more specifically:

Using cold as a pain treatment is known as one of the newest methods of pain relief in the world due to the absence of side effects and lack of liver absorption. Sometimes the cause of pain is swelling of an area of the body. Heat causes more swelling and it is clear that it cannot be a good treatment for swelling. Therefore, the method of cold treatment has been added to the treatment methods in the world.

In severe cases, the patient is asked to use an ice bath. Of course, do not do this without consulting your doctor because it can cause shock in the body.


If your arm or leg is sprained, contact with heat immediately after the injury, regardless of sprain or strain, is harmful to the affected area. As we mentioned, any injury that is warm and swollen can become more swollen when heated. In this situation, use an ice compress. Mineral ice gel is very suitable for pain relief after a stinging nettle.


The use of cold or heat for a headache depends on the cause of your headache. If your headache is caused by nervous tension, heat is the solution. This will help relax the tight muscles in the head and neck and relieve your pain. Sinus headaches can also be treated with heat. But it is interesting to know that migraines or headaches caused by vascular congestion have shown a better response to cold. If you have a migraine, apply some mineral ice gel to your forehead and rest in a dark place. The result will be amazing.


One of the fastest ways to reduce inflammation and relieve itching is to use an ice compress. Of course, do not use ISBS mineral gel on wounds and hives!

a bruise

A bruise is a sign of ruptured capillaries under the skin. If you use heat to fix it, you will cause more veins to open and bleed more. Therefore, if there is a bruise caused by an impact, immediately use an ice compress on the affected area. Mineral ice gel will help reduce the effects of bruising.


Back pain is likely to be relieved immediately after using ice. However, in the long term, some back pain is related to muscle stiffness, and heat is used to loosen potential muscle spasms.

insect bites

Ice compresses are known to be a good remedy for reducing inflammation caused by insect bites.


Depending on the type of arthritis you have, using a cold compress can be a good treatment. Mineral Ice analgesic gel is one of the suitable treatments to reduce inflammation caused by arthritis.


Ice is known to be the best treatment for the first three days after an injury to help reduce inflammation. Afterward, applying heat can increase blood flow to the injured area, thereby aiding healing.

Sun burn

You must know that the use of gel-like substances that create coolness is suitable for the treatment of sunburn. Among these items, cool aloe vera gel can be mentioned. But do not apply the mineral ice gel on the sunburn because it will cause irritation.

Sciatica pain

Sciatica pain is one of the most common pains among those who sit or stand a lot. This pain is also known as employee pain. If you suffer from sciatica pain, you must have experienced pain or numbness in the leg. Most people use heat to treat sciatica pain. They usually complain that this pain is not relieved by applying heat. But it is interesting to know that using an ice compress will reduce sciatica pain quickly.

But there is another theory that says: if there is sciatica pain, first cool the area and then heat it. Our recommendation is to massage your sciatica pain area first with mineral ice gel and then cover the painful area with camel or medical belts or bandages and let it stay warm.

This method is the most effective way known to treat sciatica pain among people.

Sore throat

You must have heard that using ice water is harmful for a sore throat. If you have a cold and a sore throat, we have brought you a safe and convenient solution to get rid of this annoying pain. First, apply a little mineral ice gel to the skin of your throat and then use warm drinks such as tea, milk, etc. Repeat this three times a day. You will get interesting results.

Features of mineral ice gel

There is vitamin E in the structure of mineral ice gel. The presence of this vitamin has caused, in addition to stabilizing the activity of skin cells, to prevent mesenchymal changes that lead to connective tissue damage in muscles and blood vessels.

Due to this characteristic, mineral ice gel plays an important role in the treatment of covering and connective tissue lesions. Body cooling gel, pain reliever and soothing mineral ISBS, due to its ideal permeability and fast local absorption, will provide quick pain relief.

This product has been available in various forms of gel, cream, ointment, spray, pads, rolls, bowls and tubes in all parts of the world for years.

The main features of this product include the following:

Improvement of muscle, joint, rheumatic and arthritis pains, back pain, muscle tension and bruises

Treatment of sports injuries, sprains and strains

Suitable for relieving pain after all kinds of fractures and bleeding

Having a local pain absorption and relief mechanism

How to use mineral ice gel

If you suffer from any of the above, it is better to massage a sufficient amount of ISBS mineral cooling gel on the desired area to fully absorb. The duration of the proper massage is usually between 2 and 3 minutes. After the gel is completely absorbed, the mechanism of action takes place. Of course, it is good to note that if you are allergic to the ingredients of this product, you must consult your doctor before using it.

Compositions of mineral ice gel

It might be interesting for you to know what ingredients ISBS mineral gel is made of. We have listed the ingredients of this pain relief cooling gel for you:

Deionized water, isopropyl alcohol, glycerin, propylene glycol, PEG 40 hydrogenated dextroyl, menthol, ammonium hydroxide, carbomorph magnesium sulfate triethanolamine, allantoin, aloe vera extract, bisabolol, xylitol, methyl chloroisothiazolinone and methyl isothiazolinone, approved cosmetic color

One of the most important ingredients in Mineral Ice pain reliever and muscle relaxant gel is menthol. Menthol is actually the active ingredient of peppermint essential oil. Another name of this material in common language is Johar Nana.

Due to its agonistic effect and targeting of kappa opioid receptors as well as ion channel activation, this substance has shown excellent local analgesic effects.

Joint pains and mineral ice gel

How familiar are you with joint pains and their origin? You must have heard that mineral ice gel is useful for treating joint pain. Before you use mineral ice gel to treat your joint pain, it is better to familiarize yourself with this type of pain.

Anatomically, the meaning of a joint is the connection between bones. This part of the body plays a very effective role in movement. When the joints of the body are damaged for any reason such as adult immobility disease, bone fracture, bursitis, gout, gonococcal arthritis, rheumatic fever, bone cancer, osteoarthritis, etc., an important disturbance will occur in the movement process. This disorder is generally accompanied by severe and excruciating pain.

The most common pain in the joints is related to the knee, followed by shoulder and hip. About a third of people experience joint pain at least once in their lifetime. Such pain may last for a long time, several months or years. Some joint pains will disappear after a few weeks.

Joint pains usually have symptoms such as movement restrictions, body dryness in the morning, warmth, swelling. ISBS mineral analgesic gel has a strong analgesic effect. Among the countless and varied methods of treating joint pain, this method is known as one of the best. Mineral Ice pain reliever gel is one of the best joint pain relievers available in the market. The amazing effect of this gel in reducing joint pain is unique.

Ice mineral gel for back disc

According to medical information, the human back consists of 5 bony vertebrae. Among these vertebrae, there are cartilaginous structures. These cartilaginous structures are called lumbar discs. In fact, lumbar discs are an example of a living bearing among the bony structure of the spine. These living bearings play a vital role for the human body in forward and backward movements and bending to the sides.

Some people will have problems in their back due to overwork or old age. One of the most common problems related to the spine and back is lumbar disc disease. This disease is caused by pressure and weakening of the back muscles due to factors such as old age. Of course, factors such as accidents, too much work, and bad sitting can also cause lumbar discs at a younger age.

Back pain is one of the most excruciating pains. So that people who suffer from this pain tend to use strong painkillers to reduce their pain.

Mineral ice gel is an excellent and cost-effective choice for back pain and back disc. This gel will prevent liver damage by taking medicine.

Of course, you should note that the back massage of people with lumbar disc is very sensitive and should be done with caution.

Ice mineral gel for the neck

One of the most important parts of the body is the neck. Damage to the neck causes headaches and shoulder pain and will involve the entire upper body. The bones, muscles and ligaments of the neck play a very important role in supporting the head and making it possible to move. When inflammation, disorder or injury occurs in a person’s neck, it can cause pain or stiffness in this area of the body.

As we said, neck pain in emergency situations is accompanied by symptoms such as headache, fever, nausea and vomiting. Using mineral ice gel can help to improve neck pain and relieve its symptoms.

Warnings for the use of mineral ice gel

Keep mineral ice gel out of the reach of children.

Store this gel in a dry and cool place.

Never use in the internal channels of the body such as the mouth, nose, eyes and genital area.

Do not use on open wounds.

Do not use on sunburn.

It is better to wash the massaged area with soap and water before using it again and use it again.

If you have unending pain, see a doctor instead of using mineral ice gel.

If you are not sure that mineral ice gel is effective for your disease, consult your doctor before using it.

If you are not sure whether massage is harmful or beneficial for your disease, be sure to consult your doctor before using it.

The use of analgesic and soothing gel for children under 2 years old will be possible only with the doctor’s order.

The bandage used after using mineral ice gel in the desired area should not be tight.

Avoid using the gel near heat and flame.

When you apply it on the painful area, do not use thermal pain relief pads on the area.

ISBS mineral gel has an analgesic effect for joint pain.

Complications of ISE BMS mineral gel

As we explained, menthol is used in the structure of this analgesic and soothing gel. Therefore, the consumption of mineral ice gel may cause itching, redness and burning due to the possibility of allergy to menthol. Of course, these symptoms will disappear after a few days.

However, if the symptoms of allergy become severe, see a doctor.

You may even experience shortness of breath and sores in case of allergy after using the gel, in such a situation, stop using the product and go to the emergency room.

Drug interactions

Avoid taking Mineral Ice analgesic and soothing gel at the same time with other topical medications, especially topical analgesics.

Is it permissible to use ISE BMS mineral gel during pregnancy?

The use of mineral ice gel during pregnancy and breastfeeding is allowed only with a doctor’s prescription.

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