Korizan Vitamin C.

Korizan Vitamin C.

Corizan Vitamin C, which accelerates the improvement of cold symptoms and strengthens the patient’s immune system.
On average, adults catch colds two to three times a year. Symptoms of a cold include fever, nausea, cough, and runny nose. At present, due to the widespread prevalence of coronavirus and the similarity of some of the symptoms of the virus with the common cold, taking medications containing acetaminophen and vitamin C can help control the symptoms in the early stages. Corizan Vitamin C is available to patients with a combination of cold medicines, vitamin C and caffeine.
It is recommended for controlling the symptoms of colds and flu for people over 12 years of age, by prescribing two capsules at a time and three times a day.
This combination leads to the control of cold and flu symptoms (due to the presence of cold medicine), reducing the severity and duration of colds along with strengthening the immune system (due to the presence of vitamin C), high speed in controlling symptoms (due to caffeine) and comfort Consumption is due to the combination of cold medicine, vitamin C and caffeine in one capsule

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