Uses of Cyproterone

This drug is used to treat antibiotic-resistant acne in women or women who also tend to use oral contraceptives while treating acne. It is also used to treat androgen-dependent hair loss in women.

Mechanism of action of cyprotron

This product has an anti-androgenic component (cyprotron) and an estrogenic component (ethinyl estradiol). Resistance to the effects of androgens reduces the secretion of sebum or reduces hair growth. The progestogenic activity of cyproterone and the estrogenic effect of ethinyl estradiol are also effective in preventing pregnancy.

Contraindications to the use of cyproterone

This drug is strictly forbidden during pregnancy and is classified as a group X drug that may cause death or organ failure.
This combination in the presence or history of thrombotic disorders or any disease and disease conditions that increase the risk of thrombosis, acute migraine, transient ischemic stroke, liver disease, including Dubin-Johnson syndrome and Ruthorf hepatitis syndrome Porphyria, liver adenoma, gallstones, following hydatid mole depletion, history of urticaria, obstructive jaundice, breast or genital carcinoma, and vaginal bleeding of unknown cause should not be used

Side effects of Cyproterone

Cardiovascular: varicose veins, edema
Central nervous system: headache, anger, depression, dizziness
Skin: Chloasma (pregnancy spot)
Endocrinology and Metabolism: Changes in libido
Gastrointestinal: nausea
Genitourinary: Painful menstruation, tenderness in the breast

Cyprotron warnings

  1.  The use of this drug by women smokers, especially those over 35 years of age, increases the risk of arterial disease.
  2. It should be prescribed with caution in patients with high blood pressure or obese people.
  3. If you have a family history of arterial disease in first-degree relatives under the age of 45 or varicose veins, severe depression, prolonged immobility, sickle cell anemia and inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease with caution Be prescribed.

Cyproterone drug recommendations

If you forget to take the medicine at the right time, it should be taken as soon as you remember. If the delay in taking the drug is more than 12 hours, it is better to refrain from taking it and while continuing to take the rest of the pills as before, another method of contraception should be used.

Cyproterone drug interactions

Category X Interactions (Avoidance):

Anastrazole, hepatitis C antiviral combination products, canivaptan, dasabovir, dihydroepiandrosterone, encurafenib, Exemestane, systemic fosidic acid, glacaproir and piprentasovir, ibid. Spemifene, Pixidartinib, Tranxamic acid, Julipristal

Food interference:

Caffeine-induced CNS effects may increase with the use of combined hormonal contraceptives with caffeine.
Consumption of grapefruit juice increases the concentration of ethinyl estradiol and is expected to increase serum progesterone levels as well.
Solution: In case of concomitant use, the patient should be carefully monitored.

! Warning ! It is the responsibility of the doctor to prescribe and determine the dose of the drug.

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