What is cefixime medicine?

Cefixime is a type of antibiotic that belongs to the family of cephalosporin antibiotics and is effective in the treatment of various microbial infections. This medicine is prescribed for the short-term treatment of infections, including urinary tract infection, chest infection, ear infection, throat infection, and even corona disease.

How does cefixime work?

Cefixime drug works by stopping the growth of microbes. This antibiotic is only effective in treating bacterial infections and has no effect on viral infections such as colds and flu. This drug destroys bacteria by inhibiting the construction of their cell walls.

How to use cefixime and dosage?

Using antibiotics when they are not needed makes the effectiveness of the medicine disappear when needed. In order to use Cefixime correctly, it is necessary to follow the information on the cover of the drug and the medication guide carefully. If you have any questions, ask your infectious disease doctor or pharmacy doctor.

This medicine may be taken with food or without food as prescribed by the doctor, usually once a day.
Children may need to use medicine every 12 hours.
Shake the contents of the bottle well before taking it.
Cefixime dosage depends on the patient’s medical condition and their body’s response to the drug.
For a better effect of cefixime, take it at certain times so that the amount of medicine in your body remains constant.
The amount of medicine used in children younger than 10 years is calculated by the doctor according to their age and weight.
The course of treatment with this drug is usually short and it may be prescribed to the patient for a maximum of 14 days.
If you intend to undergo surgery or start drug treatment for another disease, inform your doctor about taking this drug. Because cefixime can affect the response of some tests (such as the amount of sugar in the urine).
In case of taking any vaccination, inform your doctor about taking this medicine.
Continue to take this medicine as prescribed by your doctor even if you feel that the symptoms of the infection have disappeared.
Discontinuing this drug during treatment may cause the bacterial infection to grow back and become problematic.
Before any surgery, discuss all the medications you are taking with your doctor or dentist.

What diseases can Cefixime be used to treat?

Acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis
Lower urinary tract infection
Upper urinary tract infection
middle ear infection
Salmonella and Shigella infections
Use cefixime syrup to treat middle ear infection; Because it creates a higher blood level of the drug.
Cefixime can be used to prevent infection in people who have undergone surgery or are susceptible to infection for any reason.

Common side effects of Cefixime:

Taking Cefixime may cause side effects such as the following. But if any of these side effects continue, call your doctor.

stomach ache

Serious side effects:

If you experience complications such as the following, contact your doctor immediately.

Severe abdominal pain
Constant nausea and vomiting
Yellow eyes or skin
dark urine
Unusual fatigue
New signs of infection (such as persistent phlegm and fever)
Bruising and redness of the skin
Signs of kidney problems (such as changes in urine volume)
and mood changes (such as confusion).

Side effects of nadirsefexim:

This drug may rarely cause severe intestinal disease (clostridium difficile with severe diarrhea). This complication may appear during the treatment or months after the treatment. As soon as you see side effects like the following, call your doctor immediately. If these side effects occur, do not take anti-diarrheal or anti-depressant drugs because they may worsen these side effects.
Persistent diarrhea
Abnormal abdominal or stomach pains
muscle cramp
Mucous or bloody stools.
Repeated use of this drug in long periods may cause oral discharge and abnormal vaginal discharge. Contact your doctor if you develop these or other complications.

Cefixime allergic side effects:

A high allergic reaction to this drug is very rare. However, if you experience any of the following symptoms, seek emergency medical help immediately.

Itching or swelling (especially of the face, tongue, and throat)
severe dizziness
and respiratory problems.
Considering that the list of complications is not complete, you may encounter a complication that is not mentioned.

Cefixime drug interactions with other drugs

Drug interactions may change the performance and effectiveness of cefixime or increase the risk of its side effects. This article does not include all possible drug interactions, so share the list of all the drugs you are taking with your doctor or the doctor of the hospital. And do not start taking, stop or change the dose of Cefixime without the approval of the infectious disease doctor. Also, blood thinners such as warfarin can interact with this antibiotic.

Very important point:
Almost most antibiotics affect birth control methods such as pills, patches, and birth control rings, and some of these antibiotics (such as rifampin and rifabutin) reduce the effectiveness of these products and may cause pregnancy. If you use birth control hormones, consult your doctor before taking these antibiotics.

This drug may affect some urine tests for diabetes (copper sulfate type) and show it positive, also cefixime may affect the results of some clinical tests, be sure to discuss the use of this drug with the doctor and laboratory staff.

What are the symptoms of cefixime overdose?

If you experience serious side effects such as breathing problems or anesthesia after taking Cefixime, call the emergency room. This medicine is prescribed for your current condition and in other cases of infection, do not use it without your doctor’s permission.

What should we do if we forget the dose of cefixime?

If you miss a dose of Cefixime, take it as soon as possible. But if close to taking the next dose, you remember that you have not taken the medicine, there is no need to take twice the Cefixime medicine, and just take the prescribed dose.

What is the correct way to store cefixime?

Store the medicine in the refrigerator and use it within two weeks.
Prevent the medicine from freezing.
keep away from children.
Throw away the remaining medicine after completing the treatment.

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