Indications Atracorin

Atracurium is used as an anesthetic to relax muscles and facilitate patient control during mechanical ventilation, intubation, and surgeries that require muscle relaxation, and to reduce the severity of muscle contractions caused by seizures.

Warning Atracorin

  1. Do not mix with alkaline solutions (such as injectable barbiturates). Also do not dilute with lactated Ringer’s solution.
  2. In cases where the release of histamine may be dangerous, the presence of neurological, muscular disease, severe electrolyte disorders or carcinoma, the dose should be reduced.
  3. Rapid intravenous injection or large amounts of the drug may cause a sudden release of histamine.
  4. Excessive drug use may lead to persistent respiratory failure or apnea and cardiovascular collapse. To minimize the risk of overdose, it is recommended that peripheral nerve stimulators be used to monitor the patient’s response to medication.

Drug Interactions

It interacts with aminoglycosides, injectable local anesthetics, capreomycin, lincomycin, polymyxins, procainamide, quinidine, and opioids.

Recommended tips

1. Intramuscular injection may stimulate tissue.
2. In hypothermia, the length and severity of the effect of the drug increases.
3. Bradycardia may occur with atracurium.
4. The dose of the drug should be reduced to 33-50% if used concomitantly with general anesthetics such as ether, influenza and isoflurane.


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