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What is Altadine Pills?

Colds are a viral illness that we all get in the early fall and winter. There are several types of cold viruses. But the most common type activates a number of pathogenic bacteria in the throat and causes infection. For this reason, most of us experience colds with burning and itching of the throat and sore throat. Sore throat, if not treated properly, can increase the recovery time of the common cold and may lead to more severe infections of the airways.
For this reason, doctors also prescribe a sore throat pill or syrup in the first place if they notice a dry throat or become infected during a cold. Altadine is an herbal remedy for sore throat that helps you get rid of a sore throat very quickly.
Taking herbal altadine tablets with a drying pus, when cold, moistens the throat and acts as an expectorant. As a result, infections in the airways improve

Benefits of Altadine Pills

    • Improves dry cough in colds
    • Improves inflammation, burning and itching of the throat
    • Laxative and help treat infectious sore throats
    • Treatment of bronchitis and cough

Altadine tablet compounds; Suction pills for colds

Altadine tablets use plant extracts to help treat sore throats. Marshmallow, mint and licorice extract are the most important ingredients in this herbal lozenge. Each of these extracts has specific properties and benefits for the body. These three extracts combine powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents including glycerin, flavonoids, mucilage, essential oils and compounds such as asparagine, betaine and lecithin.


This plant has a lot of glycyrrhizin to help reduce inflammation of the throat and respiratory tract. Glycyrrhizin is an antioxidant that effectively inhibits the growth of pathogens such as viruses and infectious bacteria. For this reason, this plant is used in medicines for respiratory diseases.


Menthol is the main constituent of peppermint, which can open the airways and relieve sore throats. Of course, in addition to menthol, there is a significant amount of iron and vitamin C in peppermint extract, which is effective in strengthening the immune system and helping to fight infectious agents.

What is Altadine Suction Pills for?

Altadine Sore Throat Pills can cure your cold very quickly. Because the main symptoms of this disease, which are burning and itching of the throat, runny nose and dry cough, improve very quickly with the use of altadine pills.

Altadine tablets for sore throat

The mechanism of action of Altadine cold suction pill is that after consumption, mucilage, menthol and glycyrrhizin, which are the main constituents of plant extracts in this pill, go to the respiratory tract and moisten the throat, causing the separation of bacteria and agents. They become infected from the throat tissue. In addition, the antioxidants in Altadine tablets eliminate inflammation of the respiratory tract and reduce cough. Regular use of altadine tablets for sore throat also helps your immune system.

Contraindications to the use of herbal pills Altadine

People who are allergic to any of the herbs in this pill, such as mint, licorice and marshmallow, should not take it.
Patients with chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, gallbladder inflammation, kidney disease and high blood pressure should not take this pill.
Due to the presence of sucrose in the herbal composition of Altadine lozenges, its use is not recommended for diabetics.

How to take Altadine tablets for sore throat

For the pill to be most effective, 1 tablet should be inhaled every 1 to 2 hours. It is best not to take this pill with other medicines (except antibiotics for the throat).
In inflammations caused by throat mucosal infections, it is recommended to take Altadine with appropriate antibiotics according to the doctor.

Taking altadine lozenges during pregnancy

Altadine lozenges use plant extracts that may be allergenic for pregnant women. Therefore, to use this drug during pregnancy and lactation, you must need a doctor’s permission.

Who is Altadine Herbal Pills not suitable for?

People with diabetes, high blood pressure, severe kidney problems, heart problems, chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and hypertension should not use this sucking pill.

Drug Interaction Suction Pills

No specific drug interactions have been identified for altadine tablets. But excessive consumption of licorice interferes with diuretics, blood pressure, heart rate medications, blood thinners (such as warfarin) and corticosteroids.

What are the side effects of Altadine tablets?

Altadine herbal lozenges are made from plant extracts only. For this reason, it has no side effects for the body.

Is Altadine Pills Good for Kids?

In general, most cold medicines are not suitable for children and can only be taken with a doctor’s prescription. In the case of altadine tablets, it is best to consult a doctor before using them in children.

Is Altadine lozenges good for sinusitis?

Yes. The peppermint and menthol extract in this pill opens the airways and helps to improve sinusitis during colds.

Is it permissible to take Altadine tablets during pregnancy?

If there is no allergy to plant extracts. There is nothing wrong with taking this medicine during pregnancy. But it is better to consult a doctor before use.

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