Weekly Numerological Weather for January 1st – 7th

Happy New Year!

As perfectly befits the first week of a brand new year, this week’s Angel Number is 10 –  a symbol of infinite potential and fresh starts.

Angel Number 10 reaches its full power right away on New Year’s Day because the date 1/1/2024 can be read in numerology as 1+1+2+0+2+4 = 10.

To understand the power of Angel Number 10, we need to look at the individual digits, the 1 and the 0.

Number 1 is often associated with initiation and leadership. It represents the start of a journey, the spark of a new idea, or the courage to venture into the unknown. 

In numerology, 1 is a symbol of independence, originality, and the ability to manifest one’s desires. 

Zero, meanwhile, carries profound metaphysical significance in numerology. It is the realm of infinite possibilities, the void from which all things emerge and return. 

In Angel Number 10, the zero amplifies the power of 1, emphasizing the potential for new beginnings.

In the cyclical nature of life, every ending is also a new beginning. As we say goodbye to 2023 and hello to 2024, Angel Number 10 perfectly encapsulates this concept. 

We can also see this in the Wheel of Fortune, card number 10 in the Tarot, which signifies cycles and the inevitability of change. 

In various ancient civilizations, the number 10 held immense significance. In Pythagorean numerology, 10 is regarded as the symbol of heaven and the sum of the divine decad. The decad is a sacred arrangement of the first ten numbers, representing the totality of existence and the divine order of the cosmos.

Many spiritual practices incorporate the number 10 as a symbol of divine perfection and completion. In Christianity, for example, there are the Ten Commandments, a set of ethical principles that guide one towards righteous living. In the Kabbalistic tradition, the Tree of Life is composed of ten interconnected spheres, each representing a different aspect of existence.

Angel Number 10 therefore reminds us that our full potential is to embrace our divine perfection. 

It brings you reassurance that life is unfolding exactly as it should, even if it doesn’t feel that way – and that you are perfect, just as you are.

Get your personal numeroscope for this week below or head to our YouTube channel for this week’s tarot, angel and astro readings.

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Your Personal Weekly Numeroscope 

Read on to get your personal numerology forecast for this week, based on your Personal Year Number. If you don’t know your Personal Year Number, you can calculate it using the instructions below…

Calculate Your Personal Year Number

You will need to know your personal year number to read your weekly forecast. This number will stay the same for you throughout 2024, so you only need to calculate it this once and then read that number forecast every week!

It’s really easy to work out:

Just add the day of your birth and the month of your birth to 2024. 

Here are 2 quick examples:

If you were born on the 27th August (your birth year is not relevant for this calculation), your personal year number is 7 because:

2 + 7 (day) + 8 (month) + 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 25

2+5 = 7

If you were born on the 4th November, your personal year is 5 because:

4 (day) + 1 +1 (month) + 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 14

1 + 4 = 5

Weekly Forecast if Your Personal Year is 1

This looks set to be a very enjoyable, creative week for you. It’s the perfect time for socializing and having fun – don’t take life too seriously. Angel Number 10 brings good news for your love life, in particular, so seek joy in your partnership. 

If you’re single and looking for love, someone you get talking to in a public place could well hold the key to happiness. Away from love, a passing stranger may influence your life profoundly, even if you never see them again.

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Weekly Forecast if your Personal Year is 2

As Angel Number 10 encourages you to make a fresh start, you’ll want to make sure that what you’ve already completed can stand the test of time. This is a solid, constructive 4 Personal Week in your numerology cycle, so responsibility and hard work are key. 

However, since January will be a joyful 3 Personal Month in your cycle, it’s important that you have some fun too. Don’t become a slave to your routines and duties.

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Weekly Forecast if your Personal Year is 3

Angel Number 10’s message of a fresh start is not lost on you this week – in fact, you’re raring to get going! But in this slightly reckless 5 Personal Week, you need to be careful not to abandon all that’s good in favor of something new. New and novel just for the sake of it is not a great idea. 

Be sure that you keep the elements of your life that are working – focus instead on where improvement is needed. Otherwise your risk-taking impulses this week could land you in a whole heap of trouble.

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Weekly Forecast if your Personal Year is 4

You’re surrounded by the love of family this week, in a deeply empathic and compassionate 6 Personal Week. That brings you comfort as you try to make the fresh start Angel Number 10 encourages. Talk with your loved ones and get them on board. 

Because January is a change-making 5 Personal Month in your cycle, don’t be afraid to take a few risks here and there too. Divination will help guide your path ahead. Choose a tarot deck or pack of angel cards that calls to you, and listen to your intuition as you deal the cards.

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Weekly Forecast if your Personal Year is 5

For you, this is a very good time for a personal stock-take. It’s a 7 Personal Week in your cycle, and you are encouraged to look back and analyze the last few weeks. What went well? What didn’t? Why might that be – what was your role in what happened, honestly? 

Angel Number 10 reassures you that the Universe will support your next steps, but first you must be open and transparent, accepting responsibility for how you have arrived at this point in time. All will be well as you move forward.

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Weekly Forecast if your Personal Year is 6

Confidence is the key to your success this week – backed by Angel Number 10, you know you can’t go wrong. Act decisively, especially in affairs of the heart. In this deeply spiritual 7 Personal Month, you sense that timing is everything, so don’t settle for second best any longer.

 If your relationship is going nowhere, now is the time to move on. If, on the other hand, you are very happy with your partner, then now is the time to make or deepen your romantic commitment.

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Weekly Forecast if your Personal Year is 7

You may experience heightened emotions this week – it’s a 9 Personal Week in your cycle, and something is coming to an end; most likely, something that you wish would not end. Angel Number 10 is here to support you through this. 

You are asked to remember that every ending is also a new beginning. Hold your head up high and face the future with confidence. Yes, you will need to make a new start soon, but everything is in place to ensure your success.

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Weekly Forecast if your Personal Year is 8

This is a 1 Personal Week in your cycle – perfect for fresh starts and new beginnings of all kinds. You resonate well with Angel Number 10 therefore, and you need little encouragement to get things started. Take a few calculated risks and see what happens. 

January is actually a 9 Personal Month for you, a month of endings, so you may struggle to juggle these conflicting energies. Practice saying yes to life because that will get you much further than if you consistently say no. Follow where chance takes you.

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Weekly Forecast if your Personal Year is 9

Listen carefully to your inner voice. Your intuition is telling you something, but you most likely don’t want to hear or acknowledge it. This highly spiritual 2 Personal Week in your cycle asks you to face up to the truth, even if you do so unwillingly or unenthusiastically. 

Angel Number 10 will support you in moving past this rather difficult moment. Open your heart and acknowledge the truth of the situation. Once you do this, life will become easier and healing will begin.

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