Weekly Numerological Weather for January 15th – 21st

Love and Kindness

This week’s Angel Number is a blessing for anyone who loves or wants to be loved – so that’s all of us then!

It’s Angel Number 121, which reaches its peak power on January 21st – 1/21.

In this Angel Number, number 1 represents independence, initiation, and leadership. It symbolizes the beginning of a journey, the spark of creation, and the essence of individuality. 

On the other hand, the number 2 embodies duality, balance, and cooperation. It represents the union of opposites, the dance of harmony, and the power of partnership.

When these two numbers come together in the sequence 121, it empowers us to create a fresh start in love, whether in an existing relationship or a new one.

There is a deep emphasis on partnership and balance with this Angel Number –  you are encouraged to do everything you can to ensure that your relationships with other people are fair, respectful, and based on loving-kindness and mutual support.

Angel Number 121 also asks us to think about the balance between independence and interdependence. 

In any loving relationship, there are two unique individuals. It’s important not to lose sight of that in your love life – you are yourself, and your partner is themselves; don’t lose your identities in your quest for love.

Angel Number 121 is also an important number for manifestation. That’s because the 1 signifies the start of something, while the intuitive number 2 reminds us that our thoughts and intentions co-create our reality. 

So as you move through this week, let the beautiful Angel Number 121 inspire you to manifest better relationships of all kinds, with everyone around you.

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Your Personal Weekly Numeroscope 

Read on to get your personal numerology forecast for this week, based on your Personal Year Number. If you don’t know your Personal Year Number, you can calculate it using the instructions below…

Calculate Your Personal Year Number

You will need to know your personal year number to read your weekly forecast. This number will stay the same for you throughout 2024, so you only need to calculate it this once and then read that number forecast every week!

It’s really easy to work out:

Just add the day of your birth and the month of your birth to 2024. 

Here are 2 quick examples:

If you were born on the 27th August (your birth year is not relevant for this calculation), your personal year number is 7 because:

2 + 7 (day) + 8 (month) + 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 25

2+5 = 7

If you were born on the 4th November, your personal year is 5 because:

4 (day) + 1 +1 (month) + 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 14

1 + 4 = 5

Weekly Forecast if Your Personal Year is 1

There’s a sense of exhilaration in the air this week for you. You feel as if almost anything is possible – especially in your love life, given the influence of Angel Number 121. Adopt a fearless approach toward getting what you want. That doesn’t mean being aggressive – it means not being afraid to succeed. Because sometimes, you can be your own worst enemy in love, pushing people away before they have a chance to get too close.

With January being a 2 Personal Month for you, this is your chance to get love right.

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Weekly Forecast if your Personal Year is 2

Give out as much love as you want to receive this week. You’re surrounded with opportunities for emotional abundance in this 6 Personal Week in your cycle – and with the support of Angel Number 121, that can translate into a beautiful week for your personal relationships.

If you’re single and looking for love, just be your kind, loving, compassionate self and you’ll find that people are drawn to you. It’s an excellent week for making a romantic commitment of any kind.

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Weekly Forecast if your Personal Year is 3

Stillness has value for you this week. There’s quite an introspective vibe around you during this 7 Personal Week in your cycle, so you’ll want to spend some time alone if you can. If you can’t, you may unconsciously put up barriers around you, which will make it hard for others to connect with you emotionally.

If you’re in love or looking for love, you can use Angel Number 121 to help mitigate this; meditating on this number will help you keep your heart center open even when you want to be alone.

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Weekly Forecast if your Personal Year is 4

This is a dynamic 8 Personal Week in your numerology cycle, so you’ll feel that your new year is finally getting started. You certainly can make things happen right now, and since January is an adventurous 5 Personal Month for you, you can co-create big change now if you put your mind to it.

Angel Number 121 surrounds you with positivity and encouragement, but also reminds you that you’re not alone. Some of what you want to achieve will be easier in a team.

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Weekly Forecast if your Personal Year is 5

Emotionally, this is a very sensitive point in your numerology cycle, so don’t be surprised if you feel on edge or more easily moved to tears than normal. You may be on the point of saying goodbye to someone or something that you love, and it’s natural to feel sad about that.

However, Angel Number 121 comes around you to reassure you that love is eternal. January is a family-focused 6 Personal Month in your numerology year, so draw on the support and understanding of your loved ones as you process these emotions.

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Weekly Forecast if your Personal Year is 6

It’s a 1 Personal Week in your numerology cycle – time for a fresh start! Supported by Angel Number 121, this would be the perfect time for a new romance, if you’re single and looking for love, or indeed for new depth and connection in your existing relationship.

You may struggle with being particularly sociable, however, since January is a 7 Personal Month for you, encouraging you to seek quiet and solitude. The particular blend of these energies makes it a good time for a long-distance relationship though!

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Weekly Forecast if your Personal Year is 7

Angel Number 121 has particular resonance for you because this is a deeply sensitive and intuitive 11 Personal Week in your numerology cycle – you are perfectly in tune with the idealism and psychic insight this special number brings.

It’s a fantastic time to explore your karmic connection with your lover or to use your psychic and divination abilities to help you find true love if you’re single and looking. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve – these are high-level cosmic energies. They’re here to remind you that ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough in love.

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Weekly Forecast if your Personal Year is 8

There’s a lot of joy around you this week since you’re in a creative, laughter-filled 3 Personal Week in your numerology cycle. Get out and about as much as you can, as you’ll bore easily otherwise.

Being surrounded by people is fun and stimulating for now – you don’t always feel this way – but you’ll want to use Angel Number 121 to zero in on that special someone rather than spending too much time in a crowd. If you’re already with your soulmate, creative hobbies will bring you closer together.

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Weekly Forecast if your Personal Year is 9

Angel Number 121’s message to you this week is that love can be hard work. If you’re going through a rough patch in your relationship, it’s within your power to fix it – if you want to. But it will take time and effort.

This is a solid, hardworking 4 Personal Week in your cycle, so you understand the need to keep trying. However, be very sure that this is what you want because sometimes the 4 energy can keep us trapped in something less than satisfactory, simply because it wants to avoid change. If you’re truly in love, you’ll know what to do.

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