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The Life Path 11 Walks the Path of the Wizard

If you were born into this numbers vibration, your life is a spiritual journey.

Your mission is to be an inspirational presence in people’s lives and affect true and lasting change for the collective – specifically how people connect with each other and the world.

Life Path Number 11 – Highest Path

In Numerology, 11 is a Master Number that contains double the potency of the Number 1, plus the foundational frequencies of the Number 2. Because your Life Path embraces both of these energies, read the Life Path 2 description, as well as this one.


As a person, you’re unique, independent, and have the potential to be a great leader.

But you’re also exceptionally spiritually connected and have unparalleled psychic gifts. You may or may not have accessed these in your life so far, but all Life Path 11s are understood by Numerologists to be people with access to a higher power. This may manifest as intuitive knowings, creative bursts, free-flowing insights and inspiration, or any number of different things! But not everybody has this gift, so it’s important that you begin (if you haven’t already) to trust your inner voice. Practice using your intuition. Meditate. Let your heart guide you and see what begins to unfold in your life.

Trusting your intuition is also a large part of learning to trust your authentic voice. Your mission in life, Master Number 11, is to inspire others into radical new ways of connection, but you can only do this by expressing yourself truly.

It’s vital for you, Life Path 11 to live a life of true integrity. You are destined to b the catalyst for many other people to follow their true paths, but first, you must find, and create your own.

Master Number 11 – The Wounded Healer

This Life Path Number often has a rocky start to life. Maybe family life was tough for you, or you were oppressed or treated without a great deal of love or understanding growing up. It’s important for all Master Numbers (11, 22 and 33) to understand that any hardship you go through is your training ground for mastery. Without these challenges, there’s no way to develop the dynamism and strength you need to become the human healing presence you are now. It’s what the world most needs.

Because you hold such a clear and healing vibration, it’s likely you find people are often unnaturally drawn to you. Simply being in the presence of this Master Number is a soothing, upgrading experience for others, so at times, you probably feel like a magnet for those in need!

Your immense sensitivity (with its roots in the Number 2)  means this can exhaust you, so it’s really, really important for you, Master 11, to create boundaries and protect your own energy field from psychic vampires. On the other hand, many folks blessed with these Master Numbers learn to navigate their subtle energies with real skill and become professional healers.


It’s normal for Master Numbers not to blossom into their higher expressions until the second half of life. For the Master 11, it’s likely that in the first stages of life, you learn to stay safe within the realms of the Number 2, in co-dependent relationships, allowing other people to lead, preferring to remain in the shadows. This isn’t bad – your Numerology has laid out the blueprint for your expansion and illumination. But first, you must gather knowledge, experience, and self-trust.

Don’t rush yourself through this time of duality. Your life is a training ground. So seek out the tools and resources available to you, to take you to that higher plane.

Life Path Number 11 Shadows

The Life Path 11 is a path of spiritual connection.

Other people probably look at you and see a dreamer, but in fact, having such high-frequency energy running through your body can make you very ungrounded, giving you a sense of not quite being here, in the real world. You must spend enough time outside in nature and get plenty of exercise, to move this energy through your body and divert any nervous tension, preventing it from building up and making you ill.

This is a tough Life Path.

Many people desire to have Master Numbers in their charts, believing them to be special, but they are hard, hard work to walk. Your challenges may feel like they’re going to break you. The internal conflict of the 11 and the 2 is not easy to live with, and the whole spectrum of emotional disorders may touch you, but you must carry on believing that you were born for this. 

Learning to overcome pain is what will eventually become your gift to others.

Many Master 11s do give up on their highest potential and settle for second best in their lives. Self-destruction and sabotage are a very real risk because unless Master 11s work hard on their self-worth and authentic self-expression, they can easily fall down in life, and not get back up.

Every experience holds meaning for your life, whether you push for the very top or not. But those Number 11s that do give up too soon are often the ones who feel most regret. So if you want to live up to your potential, Life Path 11, it’s very important for you, to take each opportunity that’s offered to you.

Life Path Number 11 Love, Relationships & Compatibility

Relationships with you, Number 11, can be deep, intimate and last forever. Or they can be riddled with challenges!

You’re sensitive, loving and kind. You have an intuitive awareness of what your partner needs in a relationship, and love being the one to provide it. But times will come when you need space and independence and nothing less will do. Which means that if your partner isn’t willing to give these to you, your relationship could end up in trouble.

Being with someone supportive, understanding and receptive to your unique perspective on life is a must. But some Number 11s enter into relationships with people who are very needy, so if you find yourself giving a lot of healing love and support (and this depleted you, rather than energizes you) then listen out for alarm bells ringing. This is a unique Life Path, and you must ensure your closest relationships are serving, and not diverting you from your path.

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Famous Life Path 11s

Which celebrities and famous people do you share the Number 11 with?

Tony Robbins, Barack and Michelle Obama (yes both of them!), Derren Brown and Emma Watson are just a few of the rich and famous that you share this highly psychic and progressive Life Path with!

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